Struggling to pay bills?

Quick Pay

If you’re temporarily struggling to make your minimum payments, we can work with you on making payment arrangements to resolve your outstanding balance which may limit the impact of your overdue account on your credit rating.

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Pay with Points

You’re past due on your CIBC Aventura® credit card, but you’ve saved up some Aventura Points.

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Flex Pay

You’re more than one payment past due, because of an unexpected expense or an interruption in income.

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Debt Consolidation

You have regular income, but you’re facing ongoing difficulty paying off your CIBC debts.

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How CIBC has helped others

a broken car in the middle of the road

John’s story:
Unexpected expenses

Stuck in the middle of the road; literally and financially. 

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2 women having discussion over coffee

Mary’s story:
Health setback

Mary broke her leg after an awkward fall at volleyball practice, putting her out of work until fully recovered. 

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a man with an apron standing outside an ice cream shop

Henry’s story:
Struggling to budget

A small business owner with big dreams.

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